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Preview of my scene for Queer Porn TV!

(Source: queerporntv)

Sisters….sisters…never saw such devoted sisters!
Porny afterglow with Coral Aorta.
photo by courtney trouble

coral aorta and siouxsie q on set / photo by courtney trouble
Coral Aorta is my porno sister and here is an ADORABLE and FILTHY scene we shot for QueerPorn.TV !!

Cumming soon to QueerPorn.TV
Coral and Siouxsie take age play to a whole new level by role playing two teen ballerina sisters fighting to be prima. Siousxie Q makes headway by taunting Coral with sex toys and brutal strength – but can she resist Coral’s sweet, sexy, and totally nasty switch moves? The headline here is this: Fuck the fist, this scene has POINTE SHOE FUCKING.

The WhoreCast: Why I No Longer Have a Crush on Rachel Berry


Glee is one of my favorite shows on television and this season has been…less than stellar for many reasons. After their latest offensive mis-step, I just couldn’t keep my mouth shut any longer. So, here’s my rant on Glee’s latest portrayal of sex work:

Dear Glee,

We have been through…


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Many ups and many downs and many e-mails with Ira Glass’s lawyers…but here we are. We’ve changed our name and will henceforth be The WhoreCast!

Here’s our sexy new website that SinComingOn built! yum!

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This American Whore

I have a podcast now! Maxine Holloway, Jesse James, Donnie Service and I put our heads together and made a podcast. You can download it for free from iTunes or from our website.  The format is part Kevin Smit Smodcast-esque banter, and part journalistic story telling a la Ira Glass and This American Life.  I hope you enjoy. And If you do, please rate us on iTunes and write us a review!  

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The WhoreCast

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Scenes from the last Brunch I went to on The Upper Floor.  So fun getting spanked next to slave sue! love her!

Here are some still shots from the music video I shot last week with the incredible Aimee Wee of

We ran around the whole city with me singing my song “San Francisco Bay” in different locations and mostly just being naked and mermaidy all over SF!

Full video coming soon!